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RA0808 talk contribs 16:51, (UTC) Church of Holy Virgin in Zemun edit The initial language of this article was Serbian. Bbarmadillo ( talk ) 19:14, (UTC) Rostov State Puppet Theatre edit The initial language of this article was Russian. Gnu 57 13:07, (UTC) Bedich Havlíek edit The initial language of this article was Czech. 103 104 English as a global language See also: Foreign language influences in English and Study of global communication English has ceased to be an "English language" in the sense of belonging only to people who are ethnically English. VanHelsing.16 ( talk ) 23:32, 6 December 2016 (UTC) Henson horse edit The initial language of this article was French. Retrieved Thomas, Erik. In the 1611 King James Version of the Bible, written in Early Modern English, Matthew 8:20 says: The Foxes haue holes and the birds of the ayre haue nests This exemplifies the loss of case and its effects on sentence structure (replacement. Retrieved Wells, John. Signed, Rosguill talk 20:23, (UTC) Kristi Pinderi edit The initial language of this article was Albanian. Futurity of action is expressed periphrastically with one of the auxiliary verbs will or shall. Deor ( talk ) 16:44, 24 September 2018 (UTC) really bad, mostly untranslated, with mysterious abbreviations. "Subcontinent Raises Its Voice". English is the world's most widely used language in newspaper publishing, book publishing, international telecommunications, scientific publishing, international trade, mass entertainment, and diplomacy. Ammon, Ulrich (November 2006).

thai helsingborg underkläder sexiga

primarily by the non-rhotic, non-standard older Southern dialects. Disco spinster talk 19:10, 13 September 2018 (UTC) I initially translated the page using Google translator, but later attempted to translate it manually. I guess it would have been from Finnish. In Godden, Malcolm; Lapidge, Michael (eds.). Justlettersandnumbers ( talk ) 12:48, 15 December 2016 (UTC) Combat Terrorist Organization edit The initial language of this article was Russian. I don't know where this was translated from, apparently not French Wikipedia. Discourse markers are often the first constituents in sentences. It is generally stated that English has around 170,000 words, or 220,000 if obsolete words are counted; this estimate is based on the last full edition of the Oxford English Dictionary from 1989. Mathglot ( talk ) 02:47, (UTC) Czech regional elections, 2012 edit The initial language of this article was Czech. I will eventually clean it up, but I post the notice here following the policies Ymblanter ( talk ) 07:10, (UTC) House. Hitro talk 10:57, 23 September 2018 (UTC) Vasily Vyazemsky edit The initial language of this article was Russian.

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Mini apolis 16:28, (UTC) Stalag Luft II edit The initial language of this article was Polish. English Accents and Dialects (3rd.). He woke up in the morning and he ran up in the mountains are syntactically equivalent. Paris1127 ( talk ) 18:55, (UTC) Giovanni Battista Giorgini edit The initial language of this article was Italian. I've now renamed the article back to the correct name. Coretheapple ( talk ) 21:11, (UTC) Paul Nelson (architect) edit The initial language of this article was French. Changing the vowel of the stem, as in the pairs speak/spoke and foot/feet ) and weak stems inflected through affixation (such as love/loved, hand/hands ). For instance, the word contract is stressed on the first syllable ( /kntrækt/ KON-trakt ) when used as a noun, but on the last syllable ( /kntrækt/ kn-trakt ) for most meanings (for example, "reduce in size when used as a verb. "IPA transcription systems for English". There is one count that puts the English vocabulary at about 1 million wordsbut that count presumably includes words such as Latin species names, scientific terminology, botanical terms, prefixed and suffixed words, jargon, foreign words of extremely limited English use, and technical acronyms. Justlettersandnumbers ( talk ) 12:06, (UTC) List of Intercity-Express lines edit The initial language of this article was uncertain. If you don't even know what language the article is in you could use Language recognition chart, and if that fails, some language identification web site, such as Xerox or What Language Is This? Because Norman was spoken primarily by the elites and nobles, while the lower classes continued speaking Anglo-Saxon, the main influence of Norman was the introduction of a wide range of loanwords related to politics, legislation and prestigious social domains. The spread of RP (also known as BBC English) through the media has caused many traditional dialects of rural England to recede, as youths adopt the traits of the prestige variety instead of traits from local dialects. The Frisian languages, which together with the Anglic languages form the Anglo-Frisian languages, are the closest living relatives of English. Retrieved 29 November 2016. Constantine 14:32, 20 February 2019 (UTC) Christoph Broelsch edit The initial language of this article was German. C hampion ( talk ) ( contributions ) ( logs ) 06:34, 19 November 2016 (UTC) Afro Poli edit The language of this article is Italian. Disco spinster talk 02:24, (UTC) Šuflaj edit The initial language of this article was uncertain. Kudpung ( talk ) 13:23, (UTC) Kudpung Believe me, having done a bunch of these, I feel your pain. Retrieved uman Development in India: Challenges for a Society in Transition (PDF). While grammarians such as Henry Sweet and Otto Jespersen noted that the English cases did not correspond to the traditional Latin based thai helsingborg underkläder sexiga system, some contemporary grammars, for example Huddleston Pullum (2002), retain traditional labels for the cases, calling them nominative and accusative cases respectively. Countries with large communities of native speakers of English (the inner circle) include Britain, the United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand, where the majority speaks English, and South Africa, where a significant minority speaks English. The original article is at pt:Diretório Monárquico do Brasil. Special Eurobarometer 386: Europeans and Their Languages (PDF) (Report). Each of these areas are home both to a local variety of English and a local English based creole, combining English and African languages. It appears svensk sex gratis mogna damer sex to be a direct copy paste google translate from the pt wiki, to the point that even the citations got mangled when the urls got "translated". I retranslated section #The excavation of 1967, everything else needs a look.

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Use the notice rough translation, for example, rough translationGermanDeutsch. To whose house did you go last night? It is alone among non-rhotic varieties in lacking intrusive. AtHomeIn ( talk ) 07:35, (UTC) April 2016 edit Brazilian Civil Service edit The initial language of this article was Portuguese. An infinitive form, that uses the plain form of the verb and the preposition to, is used for verbal clauses that are syntactically subordinate to a finite verbal clause.

thai helsingborg underkläder sexiga